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„my daily waste of …“ – by Andreas Loeschner-Gornau [start: July 2012]
A work in process. – short: The daily record of my hand movement [while working on the PC] on the recycled newspaper from the previous day.
„The art is created on the daily media-waste [newspaper, and computer work]. The daily wasted time with the PC becomes the art.“
1. I recyle the newspaper of the day.
2. I make handmade paper out of the newspaper.
3. While working on the PC, I draw [record] my hand movement [movement of the mouse]. My mouse is an ink pen which works like a PC mouse.
Each hand movement, using the Ink Pen records different patterns or graphics on the paper each time the Ink Pen is moved to different points. As this is connected to the PC, whenever you use the Ink Pen to click on particular entries from the computer monitor, either you click on the file, start or use the pen in sliding motion. Such activity will record particular lines and angles, which will create graphic arts or drawings.
Most important for an art collector is to have original drawings made by an Artist. Since this is not an Art Work but merely a recording of an artist, will it be considered art or not?
the work is continued from „Recording “ 1998-2008 [3724 drawings]



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